Wednesday, March 21, 2012

31 Flavors has been contracted to Loose Id

31 Flavors, the book about a real life couple's journey along the almightily potholed road through BDSM land has been contracted to Loose Id. Being a curious book which has stirred some readers to jumping up and down on our heads telling us how wonderful it is, we really want to get it promoted in the best way.

It doesn't quite fit with my normal niche (BDSM in fantasy settings) or Leia's (semi-erotic PNR) so we're going with a publisher with a good name in erotic romances. Because that's what 31 Flavors is -- a wonderful erotic romance that happens to have sexy bits and BDSM in the story.

The title may change a little so that it's not the Baskin Robbins slogan, and the cover may change also. We hope to keep Flavors in there somewhere. The release date is yet to be decided.

The contract is printed and signed to send to Leia but I can't post it. The roads are so dangerous here in Queensland due to exceptional rains that I'm stuck. Tomorrow may be better. I only have a widdle car -- a Japanese toy thing which hits anything that's higher than an ant's ass above the road surface.

But soon we'll be putting our book to bed and tucking it in for a few months until the re-release.

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