Monday, December 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...cold and flu season. At least in my house. I picked up a bug I've been fighting for several days, and yesterday it decided to settle in. I think it's a cold, but figures, the one year I put off getting my flu shot and I get sick. So forgive me for taking the easy route today. LOL Besides, with my gargoyle home for the holidays, preparations for hosting Christmas dinner tomorrow, and a looming book deadline (yes, Tony's story is almost done) there's not a lot of kinky stuff going on in our home right now.

In fact, the kinkiest thing we've done lately was use a vibrator...on the fibro knots built up in my shoulder. (Now THAT'S kinky.) has a great post today about Everything You Wanted to Know About Christmas, But Were Afraid to ask. (Although contrary to what it says, I would not recommend eating your Christmas tree. A lot of vendors spray paint theirs to keep them green long after their natural color has gone brown.)

D.C. McMillen has a sex toy that's gone rogue. (I hope it turns up before Christmas company arrives...)

Bayard & Holmes, those same people who offered great deals on their post-apocalyptic management services and tactical holiday products, also have a serious column about coping with holiday cheer in the face of loss.

* * *

I've got a new book coming in January from Siren-BookStrand, It's a Sweet Life, a standalone prequel in my Coffeeshop Coven menage series. If you haven't read my book Out of the Darkness yet, it's also a standalone prequel to the series.

My latest release was Out of Bight, Out of Mind, the fourth installment in my Deep Space Mission Corps series.

And Tony's story (The Denim Dom) that I'm working to finish, will also follow up with characters from The Reluctant Dom, Domme by Default, Safe Harbor, and Cardinal's Rule. So if you haven't read any of those books yet, you can kill some waiting time catching up there.

Happy Holidays!

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