Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whew! I can breathe again!

No, I'm not talking about taking off my corset, though breathing in that thing is definitely a challenge. I'm speaking about getting my first review for my BDSM holiday novella, Caught.

Caught was my first attempt at BDSM. I wanted to see if I could write BDSM and I figured a novella was the way to do it. So I picked an easy theme - what goes better than the holidays and BDSM - *snort*, wrote it, turned it in to Loose Id, squealed when they accepted it, and then held my breath for months as it went through edits without anyone screaming, "You hack! I can't believe you wrote that!". When final edits were done I sent it out for review, just like I send out all my manuscripts. But this time I included a few review sites who specialize in BDSM. Then I held my breath again. I was pretty blue by this time...

Well, last night, the first pre-review e-mail came in. The reviewer said she read it straight through in one session and loved it. I grinned like a hyena and actually interrupted my husband while he was working to tell him, "She liked me! She really liked me!". I think he may have patted me on the head, but I was too freaking excited that an actual reviewer hadn't hated it that I didn't even notice. Can you tell I've been a little nervous about this story?

I wish I could show you the cover art, because I'm sure it's going to be fabulous, but I don't have it yet. Eek! Hopefully you enjoyed this little slice of the writer's life.

Caught will release from Loose Id on December 13, 2011. It's on the "Coming Soon" page as a placeholder at As soon as the cover art is approved it will go up on that page.

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