Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yay, it's FetishCon time!

You know when there's an event you look forward to every year, an event that just thinking about gives you a gleam in your eye?

Yeah. FetishCon is one of those events for me. Held in Tampa, this is its thirteenth year. We've gone the past several years, and now it's an annual "staycation" for Sir and me. We load in a roomful of luggage that, when unpacked, makes it look like a fetish shop exploded. We park and rarely get back into the car for the entire weekend. We ignore dawn and dusk and stay up all night and sleep half the morning, only to drag ourselves out of bed for coffee.

You know, the important stuff. LOL

And yes, this is the same FetishCon (although locals here usually call it FetCon) I mentioned in my book The Denim Dom.

While it's an industry event, meaning you can find fetish models galore, it's also heavily geared toward the BDSM lifestyle crowd. There are great vendors, classes, and dungeons. (Although you have to have a weekend pass to access the dungeons.)

It's a LOT of fun. If you're in the Tampa area this weekend, you can get day passes at the door, but they won't give you dungeon access at night. Still, if you're looking for a great fetish event, you don't want to miss it.

Sir spent last weekend making me pony gear, and I now have a gorgeous, custom-made headstall and hip harness (to attach my tail, which I'm still working on LOL). He's a very crafty Sir, and for less than $300 in materials, I now have over $500 worth of gear. And still plenty of materials left over. He's also working on a body harness for me. (I'll post pics once I take some good ones that do the gear justice.)

I'm so excited, I feel like a kid about to go off to camp! LOL


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