Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The "Perfect" Dom

Too often I hear tales of submissives lamenting that they can’t find the “perfect” Dom. Including a former friend who changed relationships nearly as frequently as they changed underwear, without bothering to stop and look within. And thus I wrote “The ‘Perfect’ Dom.” (Yes, there will be a version for “The ‘Perfect’ Sub” forthcoming. LOL)

Sometimes, that "perfect" person is right there in front of you already.

"The 'Perfect' Dom"

I wish above all to find
That special man to blow my mind.
Tall and cute and oh, so strict,
Who’ll keep me in line, I must admit.

And look, there he is,
And now he’s mine.
And life from here on
Will be oh, so fine!

You’re home! Finally!
Now pay Domly attention to me!
I’m on my knees
And more than ready!

“I’m tired, and exhausted.
And angry at my boss
And feeling frosted.
Let’s do this later.”

But…but! *pout pout pout*
I’m the perfect sub,
You can’t wuss out!

“Fine. Go cook me dinner
And do the dishes.
You want to serve me?
Those are my wishes.”

But…but! *pout pout pout*
That’s not very Domly!
All day I thought about
You getting sexy on me!

“All I want to do is rest.
You want to serve me?
Then quit beating your chest
And get your ass in the kitchen.”

You are not the boss of me!
All I wanted was to feel sexy.
Why can’t you be Domly to me
Like you first were when you collared me?

“When I collared you,
Remember how I said
I wanted more of you
Than just in my bed?

“I said I wanted someone who
Could be the one I come home to.
Someone who wanted more from me
Than just the label of that man’s subbie.

“I’m not always going to be
Some uber-Dom who wants to play.
I’m flesh and blood, and just like you
Sometimes I change from day to day.

“If I can accept you for all your flaws,
Why do you insist I’m not allowed
To be imperfect when I need to be,
I’ll admit I’m human, I’m not so proud

“That I can’t say what I need
Is you to understand that.”

Do his dishes? I’ll show him.
Off to the internet I shall swim
There are other fishes I can catch
Surely there is a finer match.

And maybe the next one won’t be
Like all the rest who’ve come before him.
Surely there is out there for me
A perfect Dom.


Tymber Dalton is the author of over 50 books, including The Reluctant Dom, The Denim Dom, and more. Her website is http://www.tymberdalton.com She is active in the BDSM lifestyle.


  1. Love this!

    I also think it's applicable to many male subs who want to hook up with Femdoms and are only looking to get their kink bucket list checked off. The male subs have no intention of submitting even though they say they want to submit but really have a whole other agenda going on.

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